A Painless Way to Get Rid of Warts
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Flat warts are small and smooth skin tumours that are usually yellowish or brownish (sometimes pinkish) in color. They’re smaller, non-cancerous and painless compared to other warts. They typically appear on the face, back of the hands, and feet with nicks and scratches.

They aren’t permanent and naturally disappear in a week to a year. There are home remedies to try that promise to get rid of them, but what if you’ve tried them all and they still stubbornly refuse to disappear?

Simply Skin’s Laser Wart Removal is the fastest, pain-free, and sure-fire way to remove those unsightly flat warts. It works by burning the blood vessels under the wart until it shrivels and falls off –simple! 

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Laser gets rid of warts when topical medicines fail, and we’re all about the quicker healing, zero pain and minimal side effects.


*Only flat warts treatment available
Introductory price starts at Php 500

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How to Whiten Dark Underarms

We often find ourselves in awkward situations because of dark underarms, making us seek out every possible way to lighten them up.

On the quest for fairer underarms, you stumbled upon the popular baking soda and lemon juice solution. Despite being simple and natural it proves to be too much of a hassle. DIY-ing and following careful instructions only brings about the unpleasant, burning sensation every time.

Also, the disappointing hundreds of pesos spent looking for the right product that promise to whiten your underarms turn out to either take too long to see results, are ineffective or damage it even further.


Get your 2nd session of laser whitening at 50% OFF.

Promo is valid until July 31, 2018 only. 

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Affordable Treatments for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

We’ve rounded up skin solutions that checks out every item in the criteria and won’t break budgets. Just glowing, refreshed, and balanced skin after.



For the ultimate treat: a relaxing yet comprehensive hydrating facial, without the usually associated spa-drawbacks like painful pricking and downtime. Choose the charcoal mask to eliminate excess oil, remove (the greasy) shine, and shrink pores. 


More potent than your average serum, this gentle and lightweight ampoule hydrates skin and balances the oil on your face. Its key ingredient, Centella Asiatica, nourishes skin and quickly heals wounds caused by (regrettably) scratched acne. Other ingredients strengthen the skin barrier and smoothens scars. (The only ingredient is Centella) - It strengthens the skin barrier, lighten scars and it's antioxidant heavy so it fights damage from pollution and everyday stresses!


A moisturizing, air-whipped, superfood cream packed with antioxidants. It’s hard to fine silicone-free moisturizers but this one is, so it’s guaranteed to not clog your pores! Paired with Hyaluronic acid that will make skin look younger and glowing-ly hydrated. This vegan cream will restore, condition, and balance your skin.


Products and Modern Facials are available at all Simply Skin locations.



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