Modern Facial

For that beauty sleep glow under 8 hours: a multi-step relaxing and pain-free facial treatment with chemical and physical exfoliation, topped with serum infusions that will leave you squeaky clean and thoroughly refreshed

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30 mins


Best for:

  • right before an event

  • in between appointments

  • a pampering lunch break

  • some quick extractions

Recommended interval: weekly


Modern Facial B.jpg


60 mins

Best for:

  • very deep cleansing

  • much needed 'me' time

  • an instant glow to last

  • targeting specific concerns

Recommended interval: every 2 weeks



Your Skin Type Guide

+ Oily/Acne Prone Skin

You have oily skin if your face is shiny with enlarged pores. Blackheads and blemishes appear frequently.

What to Expect

Expect a more balanced skin overtime and blemishes will be kept at bay with the help of our charcoal mask that’ll eliminate excess oil, remove greasy shine, and shrink pores as our anti-acne serum helps control breakouts.

+ Dry/Dull Skin

Often associated with dull complexion, dry skin feels tight, flaky and is no stranger to red patches, wrinkles and fine lines. Dry hands and feet are indicators of this skin type as well.

Skin that is easily irritated with broken capillaries decorating the nose and cheeks is sensitive.

What to Expect

You’ll get well-hydrated, younger-looking and brighter skin to the feel and touch. A treatment using our tea tree mask and peptide infused serum will soothe and moisturize skin, as well as give glowing-ly hydrated skin that’s made to last.

+ Combination

Combination skin usually features an oily T-zone that is the forehead, nose, above the mouth, and chin, with flaky and dry cheeks. The pores are medium sized. The oily parts are also known to be acne-prone.

What to Expect

Your skin will be moisturized without the oily feel and the fear of after-session breakouts. We recommend you go for our hydrating and oil regulating vitamin mask and anti-acne serum to combat acne causing bacteria.