Skin Investments for the New Year


You wear your face every single day and it’s your body’s largest organ so it’s only appropriate that you look after it, more so invest for it. Here are some skin investments you might want to consider to help you achieve those skin goals this 2019:


Maintenance for Your Skin

skin maintenance.jpg

If you want to have better skin this year, CONSISTENCY is key! Sometimes, depending on your skin condition, getting a once-in-a blue-moon facial is not enough. With our Ultimate Modern Facial a.k.a. the painless facial (yes, it won’t leave your skin red or blotchy after!), you can schedule your appointment twice a month if you have normal and oily / acne-prone skin and once a month if you have sensitive skin for better and maximum results.


An Effective Treatment with Impressive Results

Facial Treatment.jpg

In 2019, you can finally say goodbye to acne scars, dull skin and large pores - thanks to Pixel Laser Resurfacing. Learn about this effective treatment and how it can help improve your skin here.


Opt for the Fastest and Painless Route to Remove Warts

Wart Removal.jpg

It’s about time that you choose the fastest and easiest way to remove those pesky flat warts. Excited to know more about this painless way to get rid of your warts? Check this here.


Hardworking Products

Skincare Routine.png

Regardless of your skin type, investing in best-quality skin care products is never a waste. Your skin will thank you for using products that you can use in-between your skin treatments. To start your quest in finding the best of the best, whether it’s a set or a particular product, shop here.