5 Bad Skincare Habits Ruining Your Skin


Your skin takes a hit when you eat too much sugar. Food with high sugar can cause a decrease in antioxidant levels in the blood, which can cause a rise in free radicals and tissue damage.


If you do not drink enough water your skin will not be properly moisturized internally which can lead to dry and haggard looking skin. Not drinking enough water a day can also cause breakouts, chapped lips, dark undereye circles and more obvious wrinkles. Make sure to keep sipping for clear skin!


Alcohol-based products can harm your skin’s protective surface, deplete vital substances needed for healthy skin and make oily skin worse. Good thing there are a lot of options that use natural ingredients to make your skin look its best that are much less likely to cause any reactions – some of which are Simply Skin’s products.


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Vital skin maintenance work takes place at night and sleeping with your make up on can actually hinder this important process. Plus! Sleeping with your makeup unwashed exposes your skin to free radicals that causes the breakdown of healthy collagen which leads to fine lines, dark circles under the eye and can clog your pores while you sleep, resulting in breakouts and patchy skin in the morning.


When done right, exfoliation is a rewarding skincare step to add to your routine – from removing dead skin cells to increasing blood circulation for a healthy and glowing skin! Proper exfoliation also helps reduce breakouts and acne, minimizes pores, etc. Who knew a gentle scrub could do such wonders to your skin?

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Bianca Chang