This Treatment Cleared My Hormonal Acne Scars


We chatted with one of our happy clients, Rose regarding her recent Pixel Laser Resurfacing experience, what she thinks about Simply Skin and why she thinks you should also do the treatment.



Age: 30 years young

Occupation: Executive Assistant

I’m a cat-person and I consider myself practical and super thrifty. I make sure to allot my monthly salary meticulously to the things that are important to me like personal savings, groceries and a little bit for self-care/pampering. 

I was never a fan of branded items, if I can find cheap products with promising quality, that’s what I’ll buy. But even though I’m frugal, I make sure that I treat myself occasionally and that I’d get to try new and exciting things.

Hormonal Acne


I suffered from hormonal acne since I was 26 years old. When my pimples dried up, acne scars appeared, and my skin texture became rough to touch. It’s painful for me whenever I wash my face because I felt the bumps and pimples. If you’re reading this and you have hormonal acne, you know this feeling. I was hesitant to try products because I feared that it might worsen my skin condition.

Just when I thought that I have lost all my confidence, I came across Simply Skin and their Pixel Laser Resurfacing treatment. I was in the mall with my boyfriend and I was immediately attracted to how their store looks like. It’s not your typical “clinic” or facial center. I got curious and went inside to inquire about their services and I was surprised that their prices are not that expensive!


The Procedure


What I love the most about Simply Skin is how their nurses and staff are all so kind! They are also knowledgeable about the procedure and they will inform you with everything, what will be the treatment like, what to expect among other things. They sure made me feel that they know what they’re doing and what it is all about.


If you’re scared if this treatment is painful, don’t be. I was at first but I was relieved that topical anaesthesia was applied to my face before the treatment. Yas!

During the treatment, all I could ever think of is the results after my Pixel. I was informed that there will be a downtime of only 3-7 days but I was really looking forward to how my skin would like after!

 The nurse who did my treatment reminded me about the do’s and don’ts after the treatment which I followed religiously.


The Results


After my first session, just like what they post on their Instagram, I noticed that my acne scars are less obvious and my skin was so smooth. I was so impressed with my first session so I decided to go for another session to see better results.  True enough, my skin got even better in my second session, it’s amazing! I’ve only done 2 sessions but as you can see, the state of my skin improved and I’m practically glowing! (You don’t know how happy I am saying this as I never expected that I can have this skin after suffering from hormonal acne for 4 years now!) I enjoy not applying BB Creams or foundation, just simply wearing my skin!


My close friends and officemates have asked me what did I do, how did my skin got better.  Because they see how good the results are, and to be honest it urged them to do the same. I don’t have to recommend it—My skin speaks for itself.


Rose found the solution to her skin problem. Maybe this is the solution you’ve been looking for! Why not try our Pixel Laser Resurfacing Treatment and get the results you are aiming for? Check it out here.


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