Why Are Your Pores Enlarged?


Large pores are caused by a lot of factors. However, understanding the reason of your enlarged pores will help you pinpoint the solution and help you make better choices for skin.


Sun Damage

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Yes, the sun has good benefits for you but prolonged sun exposure can take away collagen, elastin, and water from your skin which shrinks the tissue beneath —stretching the edge of your pores, making them look floppy and bigger.




It’s common knowledge that as we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity. This means that as we grow older, pores can no longer return to its earlier state as it fills with dead skin cells and sebum.




Men usually have larger pores than women. However, as women undergo hormonal changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and puberty, these increase the tendency to enlarge women’s pores.




You can blame it all on your genes. If you have naturally large pores, it may be because your parents, grandparents, ancestors also share the same pores as you do.


Oily Skin

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The Solution



Pixel Treatment

Pixel Laser Resurfacing Treatment is the ideal laser procedure that will help minimize your pores and smoothen your skin. This will stimulate collagen production which improves your pore size, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, and soften scars. Only 3-7 days of downtime and your skin will look and feel better!

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