Why is Green Tea Good for Your Skin?


Green Tea is such a hot topic in today’s beauty industry, and countless blogs about it can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t fret, we’ve put together everything we researched about this ancient ingredient and even put our favorite green tea-infused products. Read on to learn how it fits into your daily skin routine.

Why is Green Tea Good For Your Skin?


Green Tea prides itself in being full of antioxidants, but what exactly do those do? Let us break that down for you: it fights DNA damage, UV Rays and it delays skin-aging. Green tea also helps with acne and purifies your skin for a better complexion, all thanks to its anti-bacterial properties!

If redness and irritation are your concerns, green tea can also save the day. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and can soothe your skin. No more redness, irritation nor puffy, tired eyes.

Let’s also not forget that green tea contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, and caffeine that’s effective in healing, hydrating, detoxifying, and depuffing your skin. No wonder everyone is so in love with green tea!


Best Green Tea Skin Care Products

If you’re not in love with green tea yet, maybe this will help. As promised, here are our favorite green-tea infused products.


Fight humidity using our lightest cream especially designed for those with oily skin. This primarily green tea product has antioxidant, anti-irritant, healing, and anti-acne properties.


Tired of finding the perfect toner that works on your skin? Check this out, regardless what your skin type is, this toner might be the right one for you! Green tea extract has anti-irritant, and anti-acne properties that will help aid your acne and help you control excessive sebum production. It’s ideal for those who are prone to breakouts.


Are you done with Manila’s polluted air and stressful environment? Soothe your face with this 7-day Mask in Green Tea. Balance oiliness, fight acne, and heal wounds all in one mask.


It’s been a long day and you just got home, your skin is feeling dull and heavy— try this Green Tea Cleansing Stick for a deep cleanse that gently exfoliates your skin! Take less time in your skin care routine and more time getting things done.


If you’re not a fan of a Cleansing Stick (which we think is absurd BTW) Try Age Prevention Cleanser— think of all the healthy ingredients packed in one cleanser. We’re talking about Green Tea, Kale, Spinach, Vitamins, need we say more?  It also comes with a pump that makes your life a whole lot easier.


Trying to find a moisturizer that’s not sticky and heavy? You’re in luck, best for every skin type, this light-weight moisturizer gives a protective moisture that lasts all day. It can also protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections! With this in your regimen you've got a jam-packed of brightening (Vitamin C), anti-inflammatory, (Green Tea) and antioxidants in a single product.


Rejuvenate your skin and soak all the wonders of Green Tea and check more of our products here.