New Year Skin Resolutions


New Year, New Skin! This is the time to restart your habits and develop healthy and glowing skin this 2019! Here are simple tips to improve your skin this year!


Cleanse Every Night


Ask anyone who has great skin for a tip and this tip is always included in their list. Healthy skin starts by making sure that you take off all the dirt, grime and oil every night. Cleansing your face at night loosens the dead skin cells and sebum to help you sleep soundly knowing you’ll have healthy and glowing skin in the morning.



Clean your Phone


If you ever wondered why only half of your face has pimples, this might be the reason! Phone screens can carry bacteria that can be placed on skin especially on your face when you take a call. Cleaning the screen will help eliminate those bacteria and will help your skin to improve and be more healthy.



Stop Comparing Your Skin to Other People's


Never compare your skin to someone else’s. We have unique textures, conditions, and other factors that makes everyone's skincare journey different. Do what works for you and don't be afraid to ask or seek professional help if you feel you need to.



Mask-on Sundays

If your schedule or your activities hinder you from getting a Modern Facial treatment, a mask at the comforts of your home is the next best thing. Masks are great for your skin to help it rejuvenate and refresh. Why not try our favorite Real Mugworth Clay Mask to help you start with your healthy skin journey?



Get Skin Care Advice

You can keep scrolling on endless skin care advice you find online and try your luck on what or what’s not going to work for your skin or you can simply go and visit us at Simply Skin. We offer free consultations on what's the best treatment that can help to improve your skin. Try visiting Simply Skin Locations for a chat, you can talk to us about your skin goals or concerns and we’d be happy to help and recommend the best treatments and products for you.