The Best Way to Deal with Stress


Early mornings and late nights. The life of an Everyday woman is a busy and tiring one. What’s worse is when we’re already beyond burnt out – and it’s still the middle of the week!


Most times, multivitamins and other supplements aren’t enough to restore your worn out self, as you continue to get progressively worse when days become more demanding. If you didn’t already know, constantly exhausted and stressed can take a big toll on your overall physical, mental and emotional state.


What you need is care that can quickly and effectively restore yourself from the inside out to get you through your days. An injectable will give you just that, the boost you need from within. Filled with Vitamin B1, B6 and B12, our Vitamin B Complex shot will make sure your body is back at it’s fullest potential, so that you are too.


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Valid until July 15, 2018 only.

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