A Painless Way to Get Rid of Warts

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Flat warts are small and smooth skin tumours that are usually yellowish or brownish (sometimes pinkish) in color. They’re smaller, non-cancerous and painless compared to other warts. They typically appear on the face, back of the hands, and feet with nicks and scratches.

They aren’t permanent and naturally disappear in a week to a year. There are home remedies to try that promise to get rid of them, but what if you’ve tried them all and they still stubbornly refuse to disappear?

Simply Skin’s Laser Wart Removal is the fastest, pain-free, and sure-fire way to remove those unsightly flat warts. It works by burning the blood vessels under the wart until it shrivels and falls off –simple! 

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Laser gets rid of warts when topical medicines fail, and we’re all about the quicker healing, zero pain and minimal side effects.


*Only flat warts treatment available
Introductory price starts at Php 500

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