Affordable Ways To Say "I Love You"


Who says loving someone has to be expensive? You don’t put a price on love. Check out this simple and affordable ways to express your heartfelt commitment. To make it more fun, we’ve categorized it according to the five languages of love.


Words of Affirmation

Photo source: @arncyn

Photo source: @arncyn

Isn’t it nice to receive a thoughtful and warm gesture? So this heart’s day, inject some romance to your relationship by writing a heartfelt song, making a poem, or just a plain but honest message. Just a pen and paper, and you’re all set. You can also store your message in a jar or bottle, and ask your significant other to read a message once day, this way, you’ll both be reminded of how much you love each other.

If you want to be a little extra in writing your message, you can check out these Kilig Series Postcards.

Plus, you can easily do this for your best friends, siblings, parents, all your loved ones!


Acts of Service

Photo source: @vancityreynolds

Photo source: @vancityreynolds

Nothing screams “I love you” than acts of service. Give your honey a good food at the beginning of the day, or wake them up with a smell of burnt toast and good coffee, prepare a surprise baon, or a home cooked candlelit dinner. If you’re looking for recipes that only need ingredients that are present in the fridge (very budget friendly, no need to spend more), you should try MyFridgeFood or Supercook. To make the day more memorable and fun, why not try cooking together!


Quality Time



When you’re with your loved ones, it’s always the perfect time for a picnic. Make the day a moment you both will never forget by having a light-hearted lunch somewhere serene like Paco Park, Washington Sycip Park, or Blue Bay Walk.


Museum Walk

Photo source: @val.vlz

Photo source: @val.vlz

For the historically and photography-inclined, take a trip to our very own Intramuros, National Museum/Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Casa Manila, or any other museums. Discovering and exploring things together is a surefire way to grow your relationship and keep it fresh and fun. The couple that learns together, stays together.

Physical Touch

Photo source: @amebeverly

Photo source: @amebeverly

This is guaranteed the most inexpensive! It doesn’t necessarily have to be over-the-top PDA, just a kiss, a hug, a pat in the back, or holding their hands is definitely enough to make your partner feel more connected. You could also try a massage at home or at budget-friendly spas.


Receiving Gifts

Photo 11-12-2018, 3 04 12 PM-6.jpg

Sometimes, saying ‘I love you’ is not enough and you just want to give your other half the whole world. It can be difficult especially if you think they’re perfect in everything that they do. Don’t you worry, you can never go wrong with these essential gift sets. You know what they say, happy pores = happy life! Plus, it’s super affordable!

At the end of the day, it’s still the thought and not the expense that counts. What really matters are the love and trust you’ve got for each other. There’s actually no need to wait for Valentine’s Day before telling someone you cherish them, because every day is a chance to show your unconditional love and every moment you are together is special. So here’s to loving all year long!