Products That Will Cure Your Post-New Year Beauty Slump


So, all the holiday cheeriness is gone and all the gifts are opened, in short, everything is back to normal. After all that glam make-up look, the extra sugar, alcohol, and refined carbs, the question that remains: is your skin still in its glory or are you feeling a little lackluster? Work on getting back your fresh, dewy complexion with these products.


Real Mugwort Clay Mask

Here are just a few reasons why we keep bringing up our favorite clay mask: It clears excess sebum, waste in pores, and dead skin cells. It contains real mugwort leaf extract that gently removes dirt and soothes your skin. It resets your skin in just 10 minutes but is super duper gentle; what’s not to love? Also, we have it in our travel friendly sized packaging so out of town masking has never been easier!


Black Cleansing Stick

After all that holiday rush, this will be the answer to your oily skin problems. This will help you deep cleanse and unclog blackheads and remove the impurities that settled in your skin after all that foundation from holiday events.


Spot Saver Mugwort Gauze Mask

Here is another mugwort goodness. Time to let your skin breathe with this soothing gauze mask. With mugwort as its main ingredient, it will rid your beauty blemishes in a zap, plus its cross-hole pattern and sterilised gauze sheet will surely complete your all-round hygienic experience.


Isntree Mini Toners

In need of something new to add to your life and to your skincare regimen? Then, you better check these mini toners out. It comes in small bottles, perfect for trying out and finding the ideal toner that will suit your skin type and concerns. Now, you won’t have to force yourself to use up a whole bottle that you don’t even consider a HG.


Real Rose Calming Mask

Skin feels thirsty? Gel us about it! Quench that thirst with this Isntree Real Rose Calming Mask. A gel wash-off mask that contains real fresh rose petals, perfect in soothing irritated or sensitive skin and in moisturizing dry, dehydrated skin. Show yourself some love by giving it this rose.


Two Step Peeling Soothing Mask

For those days where you’ve been too exposed to Manila dirt and pollution—this Two Step Peeling Soothing Mask is the perfect way to clear it all. Just two steps, thats all you need to first remove pollution and second hydrate plus heal your skin! Talk about miracle in a sheet <3 P.S. We won’t be restocking this so get your hands on it before it disappears!


Refreshing Treatment

Photo source: @simplyskinph

Photo source: @simplyskinph

If you still want some extra care, then you better head on to the nearest Simply Skin branch to have your Ultimate Modern Facial. With this refreshing treat, you’ll definitely get that glow, the kind that you have after that 9 hours of beauty sleep.