An Open Letter to Every Woman


Dear ladies,

We may not know each other’s name or story, but we do understand you; that in life, there are happiness, sadness and struggles. You are not alone with that. Wherever you are, know that we are rooting for you. Here are our team’s words of advice to all of you girls out there, from the women of Simply Skin to you.


  1. Embrace your everything.

Cliché as it may sound, loving yourself is a recurrent statement for a reason. Morena or mestiza, curvy or skinny, oily skin or dry skin – this is not an A or B question where only one is right and the rest are all wrong. There’s no one definition of a woman, more so a requirement for being one. A woman deserves respect no matter her shape, size, or how much or how little make-up she wears. Embrace your true beauty by celebrating and caring for it. Stand proud and let your light radiate even in the darkest of spaces.


2. Find what you love.

Search for what makes your heart sing. To rejuvenate your feminine energy whenever you are feeling out of sync, or in need of some loosening up, we suggest you immerse yourself in an activity or idea you really love. Express your creative capacities in the things you love to do-- be it cooking, writing, reading, dancing, traveling, beauty or anything. Let your imagination run free.


3. Stand for what you believe in.

Being a woman, sometimes we do face social pressures that leads us to leave our own opinions or beliefs. But if there’s something you really believe in, then by all means, we encourage you to pursue and stand up for it. You’re in charge of your own destiny so don’t be a faceless nobody that follows the crowd. Show the world the courage and uniqueness hiding inside of you.


4. Invest in yourself.

Always choose to invest in yourself. In whatever decisions you’re making, try to ask yourself, '‘is this something my future self will thank me for?”. Make every decision an investment for a better you. Collect experiences, live everyday learning everything you can, and always make sure you’re feeding yourself-mind, soul, body, skin with nourishments.


You got this, girl. Celebrate yourself. Through your eyes and your smile, we can see what a beautiful, sweet and kind soul you are.

With love,

Every Woman of Simply Skin