Why You Need Galactomyces and Centella Asiatica in Your Life


Getting healthy looking skin is always been a dream we’re willing to chase. Nowadays, there are many ingredients that promise healthy skin, but it’s important to know that there are ingredients that will only suit some skin types. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our newest member of the best skincare product family: Ettang Galactomyces Centella Asiatica Ampoule and how it’s good for you regardless of your skin type (one exception though are those suffering from fungal acne, as ferments can exacerbate fungal acne) .


What is Galactomyces?

Photo credits: Skin Watchers

Photo credits: Skin Watchers

Fermented ingredients such as Galactomyces are at the core of Asian beauty products. For Asian beauty, the fermentation process makes the ingredients more absorbable and more potent. Galactomyces, for one, has always been a star ingredient in both Japanese and Korean beauty products and is specifically known for its multiple abilities: to brighten dull and blemished skin, to refine skin’s overall texture, and to maintain youthful and supple skin through its hydration and moisturising power. There’s really no denying that it is a hero ingredient as it solves three beauty woes all at once.

Centella Asiatica

Photo credits:  Researchgate

Photo credits: Researchgate

You may have already heard of Centella Asiatica due to all the rave on our well-loved Centella Asiatica Ampoule and Toner Bundle. To recap, this ingredient is well-known for its highly effective medicinal healing properties. When used for the skin, this herb speeds up your skin’s healing process, prevents skin damage, promotes skin elasticity, soothes sensitive areas on the face, and treat post-acne inflammation. Skin looking dull and seemingly lifeless? Centella Asiatica also reduces the stress on your skin, making you feel refreshed in the process. We are quite excited for you to try this miracle worker!


When Galactomyces meets Centella Asiatica


Say hello to Ettang’s Galactomyces Centella Asiatica Ampoule! As the name suggests, this ampoule is a combination of these two ingredients only. No frills, no fillers, just the pure and powerful combination of 50% Galactomyces and 50% Centella Asiatica.

This ampoule is great for all skin types (one exception though are those suffering from fungal acne, as ferments can exacerbate fungal acne) — especially for those who have dehydrated or dry skin as it provides a balance in your skin’s oil and moisture production (FYI: Dryness is not only due to your skin lacking hydration but also lack of oil; while oily skin can mean that your skin is still dehydrated and short on moisture-that’s why your skin is compromising by producing more oil). With the two ingredients combine, it greatly promotes healing and fading of scars and blemishes to reveal brighter and smoother skin.

If you still need more info on what Galactomyces is. Well, Galactomyces is actually what compose this well-known yet very expensive skincare Japanese product . But who would spend so much when you can get the same results with an added powerful ingredient at a much affordable price, right?


We’re the first ones in the Philippines to get ahold of this product, so waste no time adding this to your cart before it’s gone! Get the best of both worlds-- strong nourishment AND improved complexion-- when you include this skin treat to your regime.