Break-up With Breakouts


You perpetually follow your all-time favorite skincare routine, you make sure to clean your makeup brushes after every use, and you even try to avoid touching your face to lessen your chances of breaking out, but why is it that you somehow still get acne no matter what you do? Worry not. Everyone has had their tough experiences with acne as well. Having breakouts is a natural occurrence across all ages. There are however, still many ways you can lessen these episodes.


Lessen your dairy, sugar, greasy foods intake

You are what you eat, they say. We don’t want to tell you this (we know how irresistible pizza and milktea are, too!), but dairy, sugary, and oily foods are not exactly your skin’s best friends. Sugar and refined carbs like bread makes you more prone to breakouts, and greasy favourites stimulate oil production on your skin which leads to pore clogging and acne, so make sure you regulate your intake of these types of food!


Get regular facials

Ultimate Modern Facial.jpg

Feel good from skin to within by getting facials. There’s a huge benefit that you can get from having regular facials that you can’t get on your own from just cleansing twice a day and religiously applying your moisturizer. Why don’t you see the effect for yourself and try out our Ultimate Modern Facial now?


Change your pillowcase regularly

Changing your pillowcase more frequently is as important as having at least 8 hours of sleep in preventing acne flares. We recommend switching your pillowcase every few days, and being conscious of the type of detergent you use to wash them as some ingredients may irritate your skin.

Tip: Silk pillowcases are pretty and at the same time smooth enough to not graze against the face.


Don’t switch on products too often

Consistent skincare.jpg

Make sure that your skincare products are consistent (constantly trying out new products and formulae may confuse the skin and cause reverse reactions) and contain ingredients that are good for your skin. As much as possible, avoid products with harsh components and strong fragrances, and opt for items that make use of more natural ingredients like our Green Tea Fresh Toner. After all, what could be better than planet-saving goodies that save your skin as well?


Watch what you put in your hair

Yes, as unexpected as it may sound, your hair can constantly come in contact with your face. Some fragrances, oils, and pomades contain ingredients that are not too good on your skin and may cause irritation and clogged pores. If these products are necessary, however, then try to keep your hair away from your face by tying it up in a neat updo.


Again, getting a pimple or two is completely normal. It’s not all about having a flawless, picture-perfect face, but all about embracing ourselves, flaws and all. All that we must do is to own it and find ways on how we can deal with it and take better care of ourselves. Healthy skin is not an event that suddenly occurs one day, similar to our lives, skincare is a never ending process of learning what suits you.