Skincare Tips We Live By


Your skin can be a reflection of how you are feeling on the inside. If you feel like your complexion needs a little extra affection, here are some tips and tricks to keep you and your skin happy.


Snack on citrus

Vitamin C- rich foods are not only good for the body but also for the face! These tangy, delicious fruits help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Fun tip: there are a lot of ways to use the fruit itself, too, a quick treatment for sudden skin dilemmas. A tasty snack and effective skinfood all in one. Also try letting your skin drink this Isntree C-Niacin Toning Ampoule for a more glowing and brighter complexion.


Massage your moisturizer


Instead of just simply applying and dabbing our favorite hydrating moisturizer by Isntree on our skin, we like to massage it onto our face in circular motions. Doing this so can help boost blood flow and circulation up a notch. Tip: Move from chin up to your temples, applying light pressure as you go.


Cut on your sugar

Can’t get enough of sugar? We know it’s easier said than done, but reducing your sugar intake can lessen inflammation. Not only that, but doing so also helps with weight loss and stable energy levels. If you want to do good to your skin, try to control yourself when you’re walking towards that dessert table.


Have your sip of green tea

Green tea is an all-around product that can help with your skin, your health, and your overall well being. It is known that drinking tea reduces stress, but you can also use the tea bag itself to reduce puffy eyes and brighten the face.


Get your recommended facial treatments regularly

We know, we know, this is the nth time we’ve said this, but having your regular facial is crucial in achieving and maintaining that youthful look. It’s not enough to have it just whenever you want to. Get an Ultimate Modern Facial every 2 weeks to promote better skin health, because your daily skincare products might not be able to deliver the same nourishment that this facial can, deep within the skin. It’s also important that you get back to your skin therapist so that they can track the progress and changes of your skin.


Always remember, though, that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ skin. Your own skin is already amazing just the way it is! All you have to do is embrace it. <3