How to Choose the Right Cleanser


We spend lots of time looking for moisturizers and serums that offer life-changing results, but when it comes to cleansers, we become less discerning. That’s a big no-no. The time you spend decoding your moisturizer should be the same for your cleanser. No matter how basic facial washing is, it is still an essential step because it removes dirt and allows better absorption of your next products. So, how should you choose your facial cleanser?


Choose a gentle low pH cleanser.

Everyone’s skin is unique so make sure to choose facial cleansers that are designed for your own skin type and concerns. For optimal skin health, go for a low pH cleanser as this won’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance and won’t leave you vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria.


Watch out for skin-irritants.

Watch out for cleansers that have sulfates and alcohol as these ingredients can strip all the natural oils out of your skin. Better to be safe than sorry! That’s why we, at Simply Skin offer only the good stuff.


Pick the ones with hardworking ingredients

Opt for cleansers that can cleanse while also delivering hydration and moisture (those that can also do gentle exfoliation is a big plus!). Try to know as well about the skincare ingredients that targets your skin concerns, like citrus fruits if you’re looking to brighten a dull complexion.


Go natural.

Why would you settle for products that consist of harsh chemicals or toxic preservatives when you can go for a natural product? Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, you use your products day and night, so why let harmful chemicals come in contact with it? Don’t wait until something shows up on your skin that will need “fixing” using a new skincare products or treatments.


Our current go-to cleanser: Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying Facial Foam

Now that you’re aware of how you should choose a product for the most basic yet most essential part of a skincare routine, let us shorten your hunt for a new cleanser. Introducing our new-found love - Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying Facial Foam.

So, what is it? Believe it or not, this is everything we’ve said earlier! A low pH cleanser, gentle enough for all skin types and for your everyday cleansing, free from any harmful chemicals. Its main ingredient is Soapwort extract sourced from Swiss Alpine which is known to provide deep cleansing to the skin and pores. Full of natural AHA from fruit acids like Lemon, Orange, Sugarcane, and Sugar Maple extracts, which all contributes in skin exfoliation to resurface a smoother and brighter skin.


Gone are the days when “whatever’s fine” is an acceptable thought for choosing a facial wash. If you’ve got plenty of moisturizers and serums but still not seeing any noticeable results, then try looking at your skincare regimen under a different light. Maybe it’s your facial cleanser that needs a more serious thought.