Ways to Cut Clutter in Your Bedroom


There’s this newly famous phrase going around these days popularized by de-cluttering goddess Marie Kondo: “Does it spark joy?”. And we believe that this is something we should always keep in mind when organizing things. Start with your personal resting area, the bedroom, organize and throw away items that no longer spark joy. Free up space, free your mind.  


Bye bye expired!

See that little symbol printed at the back of your products? That little pot with the floating lid, it’s called PAO (Period After Opening) which indicates its shelf life. For example, if a small “6M” was printed on it, tit means the item is only good for 6 months from the time it was opened. If you know you’ve left the product unopened for more years than you can remember, then you definitely have to throw it out, no matter the number. Trust us, doing this will save you space for more meaningful items.


In with the new, out with the old

Closet organization

It’s easier said than done, but this tip really does save you from the clutter. Remember: plus one, minus one. When you buy something new, make sure you remove one or more items from your room. Be honest with yourself and donate those you haven’t used in a while. These things might spark more joy to someone else if only you’d give it to them, rather than letting it collect dust in your closet or drawer.


Know what style you’re aiming for.


See the bigger picture. Think about how you want your space to look like, or what look you’re aiming for. Collect images of your room-inspirations or pegs. If you can, try to draw out your plan to see how you want your room to be, and if you can’t, another alternative is to design a 3D home! Creating an actual guide for you to follow will also give you something to look forward to so you are motivated to start a change.


Use your wall for storage.

Photo source: @urbanoutfitters

Photo source: @urbanoutfitters

Put up racks and cabinets that run from the ceiling to the floor. That way, you get to save space and place your aesthetic on the wall! You can make use of mirrors, racks, and hanging shelves, to name a few.


So starting today, allow yourself to take a breather — let your space mirror your lifestyle.