Underarm Care 101


The skin on your face isn’t the only part that you should dedicate time and effort on. For most of us, shaving, waxing, and plucking are part of our regular underarm routine, but these activities may irritate the delicate skin in the area. Here are some underarm care tips to add to your routine so you can stay fresh from head to toe!


Do the Bare Minimum

We believe that the basics are the most vital when it comes to good skin, even for your underarm - just cleansing properly, and moisturizing daily is enough, no need to get overwhelmed with those too-good-to-be-true underarm cleanser, toner, exfoliant, etc. Why? It’s because the more products you’re using (especially those with harsh ingredients like your DIY ACV detox mask), the more irritation you are bringing to the sensitive skin on your underarms. So we say, just stick to a gentle antibacterial cleanser, and moisturizer, instead of piling on products that cause friction, and eventually, darkening.

Switch to a Natural Deodorant

Combat sweat and body odor with a natural deo. We know its hard to make the switch and it may take some time before you fully adjust to the new and less aggressive product, but natural deo works with your underarms instead of against them. Aside from not having any harmful ingredients (both for your skin and for the environment), natural deos are also full of aromatic and beneficial ingredients.

Wear Breathable Clothing

Synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon, nylon, and lycra blends don’t do well in keeping your underarms dry throughout the day. These types of clothing traps odor-causing moisture so they’re a no-no if you want to feel or smell fresh all day long. When shopping for clothes, opt for the breathable ones that are made of natural fabric like cotton, linen, bamboo, and hemp as they allow moisture to evaporate.


Finally, level up your underarm care routine with our Laser Whitening! Evening out your skin tone for good as you nourish your UA area will definitely be worth the while. Taking care of your body from the inside out is the best gift you can give to yourself ♥


Your underarms deserve the same level of TLC you give to your face, so pay close attention and take proper care of them. It doesn’t have to be a high maintenance routine, just look for what will work best for you and your concerns. Trust us, even the simplest underarm routine can have a huge impact in strengthening our overall well-being.

Thumbnail Photo Source: @weylie