Productivity Apps For The Everyday Woman


Sometimes we need a little help in our everyday activities. Here are some apps that could boost your productivity without the extra clutter with their user-friendly functions and designs.


Curb your social media appetite

Trying to go on a mini social media detox to focus on your work? Forest helps you keep your eyes off the screen with a little plant friend. For every off-screen time duration you complete, your virtual tree grows. What’s more? You actually get to help the environment through their partner organization, Trees for the Future.


Unleash your creativity

If you want to learn how to cook your favorite quinoa bowl or learn how to knit a scarf as a gift to your mom, Skillshare is your best friend. This app can show you thousands of classes for a lot of activities like sewing, cooking, photography, and arts and crafts. Talk about a pocket tutor!


Track your group expenses

Sharing expenses with your group of friends may be a struggle to keep track of. Worry not, Settle Up keeps track of all your finances for you so you don’t have to manually compute and divide on your own. You’ll get to keep track of who paid for what, when you need to pay, or how much should be divided among your friends after your lunch out together.


Brainstorm your way to success

Great minds create great ideas, and sometimes it’s hard to organize each one of them! MindMeister lets you note down all your ideas and colorfully visualize how you want them to actually appear in your output. What’s more, you get to share your ideas with your team and collaborate together.


Sound professional anytime, anywhere

It’s not enough to have your grammar checked when you write your workload on Docs, you’ll need some polishing too when it comes to writing whether it’s on a chat with your boss or a lengthy Facebook caption. Grammarly comes to save the day and will easily correct grammar mistakes on any site you visit.


Allot some space in your devices for these productivity apps for the best organized you ♥