Personal Self-Care Tips From The Simply Skin Team


Our skin-loving team is dedicated to giving you the treatments you deserve. We only recommend everything tried and tested so you get to experience nothing but the best. Now we’ll be getting up close and personal as the girls of Simply Skin spill their own special self-care tips.


Take YOU on a date

“Allow yourself some space to breathe and collect your thoughts whenever you feel overwhelmed,” Joanna, our Marketing Intern shares. Set a date with yourself-- watch a movie on your own, visit the museum, or even go on a quick road trip. You never know how much it could help to pick your thoughts back up once more.   


Try taking a long warm bath with scented candles

Bianca, our Brand & Marketing Specialist loves warm relaxing baths at the end of the week. “I actually allot a portion of my money for self-care. What I enjoy most in my self-care routine are my scented candles,” she says. Lighting a scented candle once she steps foot on her bathroom marks the start of her self-care time as it instantly uplifts her mood, and upgrades the relaxing experience without having to go through any hassle. After a week of working hard, give this time that you definitely deserve. Let go and destress in your own time while you bask in aromatherapy.


Warm hugs for your furry friends

Louisa, our Graphic Designer wants to share the joy that comes from snuggling up a pet companion. While everyone is busy widening their social network, it won’t hurt to show your pets some love by giving them a cuddle once in a while. A furry embrace helps in releasing the “feel good” hormones, and this loving hormone reduces stress and lowers the heart rate to help you feel calm. Plus, we’re sure that just the thought of knowing your pet best friend is happy in your arms makes your heart a hundred times happier! So let the hug fest begin!


Meditate daily

Meditating daily is our Graphic Designer, Pat’s constant step for wellness. Skincare is important but we’re here to tell you that keeping a healthy mind and soul is just as significant. If we can’t give ourselves a time to breathe, and release all the stress, it will eventually build up and take a toll on our daily activities. You might think you don’t need it, but we really deserve a quiet space from all the noise that there is and a serene time to restore the peace and balance of our minds.


Keep a personal journal

Forge a deeper connection not only with the people around you, but also with yourself. “I like to release my inner self through journaling,” Ayah, our Brand and Marketing Assistant says. Number one secret to self care is to have a deeper understanding of who you are. When you get in touch with your personal dreams, fears, and values, everything good will follow naturally. You will eventually lessen the pressure and start treating yourself better.


What are your personal self care tips? Come and share it with us when you visit your favorite Simply Skin branch. We’d love to hear what you think!