5 Game-Changing Items You Should Own This Year

The new year calls for a better version of yourself. Read along and learn why these items will change your life/year:

Beauty Dust Bottle from Moon Juice

Beauty Dust Bottle from Moon Juice

You know us, we want you all to embrace your beauty from skin to within. So here’s something that can help your body cope with stress and have THE glow like never before. It is formulated with broad spectrum antioxidant to protect your cells from free radical damage.


7 Days Facial Mist from Ariul

7 Days Facial Mist from Ariul

Change your 2019 skincare game with this 7 Day Facial Mist—it’s a super clean and super packed mist that's great for hydrating, setting makeup, nourishing, and anything else you can think of. The first spritz will make you believe in love at first spray!


Photo source: @kimtiamlee

Photo source: @kimtiamlee

Spice up your beverage-intake every time of the day and check these cute ceramic mugs from @ioridori out! There’s nothing better than sipping your morning coffee or tea from a mug bursting with colors.


Photo source: @yourheartcraftedlife

Photo source: @yourheartcraftedlife

Transform your Sunday with the gift of self-care. With the Sunday Night Journal, you’ll have gratitude journaling pages, weekly planning pages, quarterly and yearly check-in pages. This 2019, be more grateful for all life has to offer, be in control of your life path by setting goals and lastly, be who you truly are!


The Oilist Healing Roll On

The Oilist Healing Roll On

Spend your 2019 right with warm and happy thoughts brought to you by The Oilist Healing Roll On. Perfect for any time of the year, this can help you with lots of things-mood lifter, immune booster, stress reliever, etc. Plus, roll-on means no more spills or oil residues on your hand!

May you have an amazing year this 2019!

New Year Skin Resolutions

New Year, New Skin! This is the time to restart your habits and develop healthy and glowing skin this 2019! Here are simple tips to improve your skin this year!


Cleanse Every Night


Ask anyone who has great skin for a tip and this tip is always included in their list. Healthy skin starts by making sure that you take off all the dirt, grime and oil every night. Cleansing your face at night loosens the dead skin cells and sebum to help you sleep soundly knowing you’ll have healthy and glowing skin in the morning.



Clean your Phone


If you ever wondered why only half of your face has pimples, this might be the reason! Phone screens can carry bacteria that can be placed on skin especially on your face when you take a call. Cleaning the screen will help eliminate those bacteria and will help your skin to improve and be more healthy.



Stop Comparing Your Skin to Other People's


Never compare your skin to someone else’s. We have unique textures, conditions, and other factors that makes everyone's skincare journey different. Do what works for you and don't be afraid to ask or seek professional help if you feel you need to.



Mask-on Sundays

If your schedule or your activities hinder you from getting a Modern Facial treatment, a mask at the comforts of your home is the next best thing. Masks are great for your skin to help it rejuvenate and refresh. Why not try our favorite Real Mugworth Clay Mask to help you start with your healthy skin journey?



Get Skin Care Advice

You can keep scrolling on endless skin care advice you find online and try your luck on what or what’s not going to work for your skin or you can simply go and visit us at Simply Skin. We offer free consultations on what's the best treatment that can help to improve your skin. Try visiting Simply Skin Locations for a chat, you can talk to us about your skin goals or concerns and we’d be happy to help and recommend the best treatments and products for you.

Simple Baon Tips To Help You Save

Google “practical ways to save money” and you will always see that packing and bringing your own baon to work or school every dayis part of the list. And we agree. Discover a few simple hacks on how you can have fun (and save) while bringing your own baon:


Invest on a Lunchbox

Photo source: @tetay_kissty

Photo source: @tetay_kissty

Time to start looking for a lunchbox that you’ll definitely love — be it minimalist, eco-friendly, or just a really cute one. This way, you’ll be motivated to pack your meals and use it for the next day.



Do Your Grocery for the Entire Week

Photo source: @realfoodph

Photo source: @realfoodph

Doing grocery shopping will you force you to make use of the items you bought because every penny spent in those almond milk, brown rice, or lettuce count right? P.S. Don’t forget to list down all the ingredients you will need before grocery shopping!



Find a baon-partner

Photo source: @samishome

Photo source: @samishome

Having someone to share a meal (or stories!) with is always better than eating alone. Find a meal buddy that you want to spend your lunch time with. Both of you can share each other’s food or even have themed lunch menu (i.e. Meatless Mondays, or Korean Thursdays).


Reward Yourself
Photo source: @seachiic

Photo source: @seachiic

If you make it to Friday without dining out, then hooray! Give yourself some treat whether it be a large milk tea you can indulge, an item that’s been on your cart for weeks, or a much-deserved facial treatment (ehem!). This is certainly a good motivation for you to keep going!


Skin Investments for the New Year

You wear your face every single day and it’s your body’s largest organ so it’s only appropriate that you look after it, more so invest for it. Here are some skin investments you might want to consider to help you achieve those skin goals this 2019:


Maintenance for Your Skin

skin maintenance.jpg

If you want to have better skin this year, CONSISTENCY is key! Sometimes, depending on your skin condition, getting a once-in-a blue-moon facial is not enough. With our Ultimate Modern Facial a.k.a. the painless facial (yes, it won’t leave your skin red or blotchy after!), you can schedule your appointment twice a month if you have normal and oily / acne-prone skin and once a month if you have sensitive skin for better and maximum results.


An Effective Treatment with Impressive Results

Facial Treatment.jpg

In 2019, you can finally say goodbye to acne scars, dull skin and large pores - thanks to Pixel Laser Resurfacing. Learn about this effective treatment and how it can help improve your skin here.


Opt for the Fastest and Painless Route to Remove Warts

Wart Removal.jpg

It’s about time that you choose the fastest and easiest way to remove those pesky flat warts. Excited to know more about this painless way to get rid of your warts? Check this here.


Hardworking Products

Skincare Routine.png

Regardless of your skin type, investing in best-quality skin care products is never a waste. Your skin will thank you for using products that you can use in-between your skin treatments. To start your quest in finding the best of the best, whether it’s a set or a particular product, shop here.