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What is Laser Whitening?

If you’ve been dealing with bumpy, rough skin on the underarms, or dark elbows and knees that don’t match your real skin complexion, then you must have tried multiple products and even DIY whitening treatments, only to find out that it either, isn’t effective, takes forever or costs a fortune to see results.

Our skin can get very complicated, so there’s really no silver bullet or easy way out for shadowy areas, bumpy and rough texture. But there’s still hope and light, be it for rough or dark underarms, knees, elbows, lower buttocks, bikini, nape area.

Laser Whitening

Bid goodbye to dark areas and say hello to a brighter glow!

What it is

It is a non-invasive laser treatment that breaks down pigment and treats roughness and discoloration to reveal whiter and smoother skin on the targeted area. Being a non-ablative treatment, it is perfect for sensitive areas like underarms, bikini area, buttocks, and the nape. The bonus is that it stimulates and revitalizes collagen in the skin to make it smoother and a firmer.

🗸 Visible whitening and smoothening

🗸 No risk of burning or peeling

🗸 Cost effective - same price for all body parts

🗸 Quick and Easy (30 mins)

🗸 Painless

Ideal for:

🗸 Uneven Skin Tone

🗸 Unwanted Pigments/Spots

🗸 Dark underarms, bikini area, elbows, knees, buttocks, nape

🗸 Underarm lines/folds/creases

🗸 Bumpy underarm/ Rough Skin Texture

Recommended Interval: Every two weeks

Suggested number of sessions is atleast 10-15 but it depends on the severity of pigments and person’s lifestyle.

The Results


Similar to any other skin treatments, one shouldn’t expect immediate and apparent whitening and smoothening. Although it can be possible for some, again it depends on one’s skin condition. But with continuous sessions of Laser Whitening, you’d be sure to see noticeable results and whitening; so if you want to experience the same results as the above picture, then click here:

Let’s all be honest, at some point in our lives, we’ll crave for smoother skin and a brighter tone that glows from within, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If having a smoother and brighter skin tone can help you muster up all the confidence you need, then we’d be more than happy to help you with it.

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How to Minimize Overspending?

We know, we know, financial planning can be overwhelming and intimidating. But when you really think about, it all boils down to what your priorities are. So what should that be? First off, your own health and wellness. Being a believer of accessible wellness, here are our tips on how you can manage your finances and avoid overspending.


Create a budget plan and stick to it.

First, determine how much you’re actually earning. This take-home pay should go towards your needs, wants, and goals. Ideally, 50% of this take-home pay should be dedicated towards the essentials. The 30% should be allotted for your wants while the remaining 20% are for your savings for the future. Keep track of how much you are spending on food, clothes, entertainment, and other non-essentials, so you’ll know how you can adjust you budget plan. There are also a lot of budget tracker apps you can download like Wally or Mint.


Switch to cash


Instead of using your credit card for all your purchases, switch to cash. That way it’s easier to keep track of how much you have been spending for the day. When all that paper is gone from your wallet, you’ll know it’s time to stop the shop.


Find cheaper alternatives

Purchasing cheaper products or services does not mean less fun! There are lots of ways you can enjoy your hard-earned cash without spending them all. What’s more? You never know what new stores and restaurants you’ll find while you’re looking for alternatives, or how it can unleash the creativity in you by doing some DIY projects.


Be on the lookout for the best deals

Aside from limiting that weekly shopping splurge to once a month, you can also seek out for the best deals. But make sure that even when you’re deal-hunting, you’re still sticking to what your priorities are. Speaking of good deals for your priorities- skincare should also be a priority, and Simply Skin has got the best deals for your best skin ever.


It’s all about knowing what your priorities are and organizing your finances in a way that that lets you continue enjoying what life has to offer. It’s more than alright to have fun along the way; making sure you’re giving your body what it needs at the present, and not just over stressing about your future retirement savings.

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Achieving Youthful Glow That Comes From Within

Maintaining a healthy glow throughout the years may be a challenge, but taking it one step at a time can slow down the ageing process. Every little effort counts, and you can still have that youthful skin even when the times seem to fight against you.


Sleep is NOT for the weak

During sleep, your body gets busy by releasing hormones that boost cell turnover. If possible, get at least eight hours of sleep. Try to avoid using your cell phone before bedtime-- the blue light emitted by the screen affects the production of melatonin and may affect your sleep cycle.


Control weight fluctuations

We are not saying to give up your favorite snacks, but constant weight fluctuation may contribute to weaker skin elasticity. Gaining some pounds and then dramatically losing them can leave behind stretch marks and wrinkles. Similar to a rubber band, frequent expansion and contraction will cause poor skin elasticity resulting in saggy skin. So eat a healthy balanced diet and make to exercise regularly even if it’s just a light one!


Go easy on the eyes

The skin around the eyes are thinner and are more sensitive than the rest of your face. When applying makeup or skin care, be extra careful with this area. Don’t rub on your eyes too much and try dabbing motions instead. Never forget to put eye cream as the skin around the eyes don’t produce oils by itself, and needs to be moisturised.


Water is your holy grail


Believe what they all say for water always saves the day! Drinking at least two liters of water a day keeps your body and your skin hydrated from morning to evening. Leaving out the h2o will make your skin dry and dull, so always remember to quench that thirst.


You’ll never go wrong with results-based facial treatments

Stick to a no-pricking modern facial every two weeks, instead of facials with pricking that might further irritate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation. If the problem is enlarged pores, or brown spots and acne scars, then one thing that can rescue you is our Pixel Laser Resurfacing. Aside from the glow, it will give you smoother and more even skin! Did you know that aging starts at the age of 25 and by that time your body’s collagen production starts to slow down? It’s what leads to wrinkles and sagging. To counteract this and maintain youthful skin, invest on treatments like Ultherapy which will stimulate your collagen production for 6 months up to 1 year in just one session.


We all crave for the kind of healthy skin that stays even from within, not just the temporary glow and look. So how do we go about it? Take good care of yourself. A youthful-looking skin is a reflection of a healthy mind and healthy body.

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You Only Need One Session of This Treatment for Year-Long Results

When it comes to facial lifting and tightening treatments, the goal is to achieve a look that is still true to you. Gone are the days of surgical procedures that make some look unrecognisable, and everyone following the same template. Nowadays, more and more non-invasive treatments are available to answer woes of saggy skin, but not all are the same when it comes to precision. Scroll down to see why Ultherapy is the gold standard for lifting and tightening skin.


Optimized Depth

Ultherapy delivers energy at deeper skin layers as compared to other treatments which only reach the superficial layers. This precise delivery of energy at three skin layers deep makes it superior among other lifting technologies, as it means more collagen to the right layers. This equates to tighter, firmer skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Ideal Temperature

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

With other laser treatments and radiofrequency devices targeted to lift and tighten the skin, you run the risk of burning the surface of your skin due to extreme heat. Not so fun, right? The Ultherapy system has the ability to reach optimal temperatures that can result in the formation of new collagen deep into the skin. It won’t burn the skin surface which lifting and tightening lasers sometimes do, or deliver sub-optimal results caused by lower heat produced by radiofrequency devices. This also means that Ultherapy doesn’t disrupt your skin or involve injecting any foreign substances. It’s all your own collagen, stimulated naturally with Ultherapy.


Unparalled Visualization

Ultherapy utilizes “DeepSee” technology which allows our skin therapists to see the depth of where they are treating. This is also known as ‘ultrasound imaging’ which ensures that the energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. Once the therapy starts, this results in targeted collagen growth at layers where it matters most.


Treatment Customization

At Simply Skin, we understand that skincare is personal, it’s not a one-size fits all thing. So before any treatment, our skin therapist will assess your skin laxity and suggest a customized Ultherapy treatment plan according to your skin rejuvenation needs (by the way, all consultations from our medical allied practitioners are free!). So, if your face only needs an Ultherapy Eye Lift, then that’s what you’ll be receiving, nothing more, nothing less. Here, we respect your skin needs by being practical and real.

Choose Your Own Ultherapy

With Ultherapy, you can say hello to a more contoured face, sculpted jawline, youthful eyes with no signs of crow’s feet, lifted brows, tightened chin area, firmer neck with less wrinkles and sag, and defined cheekbones. No knife, no needle, no downtime. And you only need to do it once a year!


Whatever it is, make sure you’re still you. In doing treatments like this: skin lifting and tightening, choose only what will make you still look like you only fresher. Oh and take the extra hour to pamper yourself because YOU are worth it.