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You Only Need One Session of This Treatment for Year-Long Results

When it comes to facial lifting and tightening treatments, the goal is to achieve a look that is still true to you. Gone are the days of surgical procedures that make some look unrecognisable, and everyone following the same template. Nowadays, more and more non-invasive treatments are available to answer woes of saggy skin, but not all are the same when it comes to precision. Scroll down to see why Ultherapy is the gold standard for lifting and tightening skin.


Optimized Depth

Ultherapy delivers energy at deeper skin layers as compared to other treatments which only reach the superficial layers. This precise delivery of energy at three skin layers deep makes it superior among other lifting technologies, as it means more collagen to the right layers. This equates to tighter, firmer skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Ideal Temperature

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

With other laser treatments and radiofrequency devices targeted to lift and tighten the skin, you run the risk of burning the surface of your skin due to extreme heat. Not so fun, right? The Ultherapy system has the ability to reach optimal temperatures that can result in the formation of new collagen deep into the skin. It won’t burn the skin surface which lifting and tightening lasers sometimes do, or deliver sub-optimal results caused by lower heat produced by radiofrequency devices. This also means that Ultherapy doesn’t disrupt your skin or involve injecting any foreign substances. It’s all your own collagen, stimulated naturally with Ultherapy.


Unparalled Visualization

Ultherapy utilizes “DeepSee” technology which allows our skin therapists to see the depth of where they are treating. This is also known as ‘ultrasound imaging’ which ensures that the energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. Once the therapy starts, this results in targeted collagen growth at layers where it matters most.


Treatment Customization

At Simply Skin, we understand that skincare is personal, it’s not a one-size fits all thing. So before any treatment, our skin therapist will assess your skin laxity and suggest a customized Ultherapy treatment plan according to your skin rejuvenation needs (by the way, all consultations from our medical allied practitioners are free!). So, if your face only needs an Ultherapy Eye Lift, then that’s what you’ll be receiving, nothing more, nothing less. Here, we respect your skin needs by being practical and real.

Choose Your Own Ultherapy

With Ultherapy, you can say hello to a more contoured face, sculpted jawline, youthful eyes with no signs of crow’s feet, lifted brows, tightened chin area, firmer neck with less wrinkles and sag, and defined cheekbones. No knife, no needle, no downtime. And you only need to do it once a year!


Whatever it is, make sure you’re still you. In doing treatments like this: skin lifting and tightening, choose only what will make you still look like you only fresher. Oh and take the extra hour to pamper yourself because YOU are worth it.

What is Ultherapy?

Aging is a natural occurrence in life, and so does wanting to feel and look healthier, more youthful, and beautiful. We want to be the best that we can ever be. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of that. It is not vanity or selfishness to keep ourselves feeling happy. Give your future self many moments to be thankful for instead of tough questions: Did I do enough, love myself enough, was I happy? Or have I invested in myself properly?

So, if that’s your goal, we have a way:


A youthful makeover your future self will thank you for.


Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved non-invasive procedure (no knife, no needles!) that uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift and tighten sagging skin. It bridges the gap between dermal fillers and a surgical facelift as it achieves lifting results without having to cut or disrupt the skin surface.

It does this by stimulating the formation of new collagen deep below the skin surface- the part which laser and radiofrequency treatments cannot reach. This is like a workout for your face, only instead of muscle, it develops more and better collagen which is known as “neocollagenesis”. Additionally, unlike other procedures, it incorporates ultrasound imaging giving clinicians a visualization of the targeted tissue to provide an unparalleled treatment precision while also avoiding bone, blood vessels, etc.

Who is it for?

Anyone from mid 20s to late 70s can receive an Ultherapy treatment, although it is not determined by age, but rather by skin laxity. As we age, we begin to lose collagen and elastin resulting in loose or sagging skin. This is due to factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, sun exposure, stress, environmental toxins, etc, but no matter what your age is, there is Ultherapy for you. It’s perfect for everyone wanting to attain a youthful look with rejuvenated eyes, lifted brows, defined chin & neck, sculpted cheeks, and contoured jaws.

Just one treatment.

Ultherapy is powerful enough to lift and contour sagging skin in just one session and in just this one session, the lifting and tightening results will last up to a year. The results may vary from person to person as it depends on your own collage production. But many experience immediate lifting following the treatment, initial results in just 70 days, and the ultimate lifting and tightening results during the 2-3 months period after the procedure. Future touch-ups may also be needed especially for ages 50-70 years as they have a slower collagen building process.

Quick and easy.

Ultherapy is considered to be a “lunchtime procedure” as it can be done in 30-90 minutes. After the procedure, you can resume your normal activities without having to follow any post-treatment restrictions. You can continue with your daily skincare regimen and apply make-up. Imagine that, it takes up only about 30 to 90 minutes in your 24 hrs of a day, but the result lasts up to a year. This is like a quick insurance policy for tomorrow’s happiness.


At Simply Skin, we offer Ultherapy per area, so you won’t have to spend on the unnecessary. If you’ve been worrying about droopy brows, crow’s feet, frown lines, turkey gobbler or neck, saggy cheeks, or neck folds, then we suggest you choose from our variety of Ultherapy area treatments: Browlift, Eyelift, Cheek Lift, Under the Chin Lift, Lower Neck Lift, and Full Face Lift.

For the full list of prices, you can inquire and email us at

Life is a journey, and with age comes the wisdom and appreciation of this journey. Let us in on your journey, and together lets celebrate growing old (plus, looking young) together. Feel good from skin to within, regardless of your age. What you do for yourself today will be what your future self will thank you for.