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3-step Routine ft. Our Most Hardworking Products

We know you work hard everyday and there are instances when you just don’t have enough time to accomplish that 10-step Korean skincare routine. We’re here to lend a helping hand by showing you a skin regimen that will help you achieve smooth supple glass skin, while saving time for your daily activities. Here’s to productivity!


Step 1: Cleanse

Products as hardworking as you are are our favorites! This Miracle Cleanser from Sevendrops not only cleanses the skin, but also acts as a makeup remover and a nutrient booster with its 12 plant oils like Jojoba, Grapeseed and Olive Oil. Watch this cleanser transform from gel to oil and to a foam so you won’t need to do double or triple cleanse with more than one cleanser again!


Step 2: Tone

Don’t skip toner-- it’s one of the most important steps in any skincare schedule. To shred off time in your routine, choose products that can do multiple duties. The Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner has the power to deeply hydrate your skin giving you a youthful appearance, cleanse any left over dead skin and balance your skin’s ph level. It’s also rich in anti-oxidants which will keep your skin looking brighter and firmer.


Step 3: Moisturize

Our Isntree Green Tea Fresh Emulsion is a moisturizer AND serum in one bottle! Fight Manila humidity and keep your skin just the right amount of moisturized for the ultimate glow. This moisturizer keeps the oil at bay while keeping your face look dewy.

Find your own hardworking skincare hero at Simply Skin.


You Only Need One Session of This Treatment for Year-Long Results

When it comes to facial lifting and tightening treatments, the goal is to achieve a look that is still true to you. Gone are the days of surgical procedures that make some look unrecognisable, and everyone following the same template. Nowadays, more and more non-invasive treatments are available to answer woes of saggy skin, but not all are the same when it comes to precision. Scroll down to see why Ultherapy is the gold standard for lifting and tightening skin.


Optimized Depth

Ultherapy delivers energy at deeper skin layers as compared to other treatments which only reach the superficial layers. This precise delivery of energy at three skin layers deep makes it superior among other lifting technologies, as it means more collagen to the right layers. This equates to tighter, firmer skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Ideal Temperature

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

Photo credits: Ultherapy Global

With other laser treatments and radiofrequency devices targeted to lift and tighten the skin, you run the risk of burning the surface of your skin due to extreme heat. Not so fun, right? The Ultherapy system has the ability to reach optimal temperatures that can result in the formation of new collagen deep into the skin. It won’t burn the skin surface which lifting and tightening lasers sometimes do, or deliver sub-optimal results caused by lower heat produced by radiofrequency devices. This also means that Ultherapy doesn’t disrupt your skin or involve injecting any foreign substances. It’s all your own collagen, stimulated naturally with Ultherapy.


Unparalled Visualization

Ultherapy utilizes “DeepSee” technology which allows our skin therapists to see the depth of where they are treating. This is also known as ‘ultrasound imaging’ which ensures that the energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. Once the therapy starts, this results in targeted collagen growth at layers where it matters most.


Treatment Customization

At Simply Skin, we understand that skincare is personal, it’s not a one-size fits all thing. So before any treatment, our skin therapist will assess your skin laxity and suggest a customized Ultherapy treatment plan according to your skin rejuvenation needs (by the way, all consultations from our medical allied practitioners are free!). So, if your face only needs an Ultherapy Eye Lift, then that’s what you’ll be receiving, nothing more, nothing less. Here, we respect your skin needs by being practical and real.

Choose Your Own Ultherapy

With Ultherapy, you can say hello to a more contoured face, sculpted jawline, youthful eyes with no signs of crow’s feet, lifted brows, tightened chin area, firmer neck with less wrinkles and sag, and defined cheekbones. No knife, no needle, no downtime. And you only need to do it once a year!


Whatever it is, make sure you’re still you. In doing treatments like this: skin lifting and tightening, choose only what will make you still look like you only fresher. Oh and take the extra hour to pamper yourself because YOU are worth it.

A Solution to Uneven Skin Tone

While a bit of foundation and concealer does help with pigmentation and sun spots, what’s better than evening out your skin tone for good and snapping that flawless woke-up-like-this selfie? The same way consistency is key in everything we do, consistent colour on your skin makes a big difference.


Adios, harmful UV

Unprotected sun exposure is one of the major causes of uneven skin tone, skin aging, and even skin cancer! Protect your skin from hyperpigmentation and sunspots by always applying a sunscreen labeled with “broad spectrum” protection and with atleast SPF 30 or higher.

Tip: To stay sun-safe, make sure to cover-up by wearing wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and clothing that protects the skin from UV rays,


Exfoliate, exfoliate

Slough off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin! Doing so will allow your serums and essences to penetrate into your skin deeper for that maximum effect, so you also get the most out of your routine. Opt for gentle chemical exfoliators that are suited for sensitive skin types so as to avoid irritation and skin reactions. Here are our favorites for that gentle yet effective exfoliation:


Laser Whitening + Glutathione with Vitamin C


Laser Whitening breaks down the dark pigment so you can bid goodbye to dark areas of the skin, and wave hello to a brighter glow. Our pro tip is to pair it with the master antioxidant - Glutathione with Vitamin C injectable. What you’ll get is a more potent tandem to achieve a fairer and more even skintone free from sun spots, and hyperpigmentation.


Patience is key! There is no quick fix for unevenness, but always caring for your skin on a regular basis will work wonders for you in the long run! Soon, your skin will look bright and glowing. Thank us later! ;) Be your own boss, don’t let uneven skin tone curb your confidence!

How to Choose the Right Cleanser

We spend lots of time looking for moisturizers and serums that offer life-changing results, but when it comes to cleansers, we become less discerning. That’s a big no-no. The time you spend decoding your moisturizer should be the same for your cleanser. No matter how basic facial washing is, it is still an essential step because it removes dirt and allows better absorption of your next products. So, how should you choose your facial cleanser?


Choose a gentle low pH cleanser.

Everyone’s skin is unique so make sure to choose facial cleansers that are designed for your own skin type and concerns. For optimal skin health, go for a low pH cleanser as this won’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance and won’t leave you vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria.


Watch out for skin-irritants.

Watch out for cleansers that have sulfates and alcohol as these ingredients can strip all the natural oils out of your skin. Better to be safe than sorry! That’s why we, at Simply Skin offer only the good stuff.


Pick the ones with hardworking ingredients

Opt for cleansers that can cleanse while also delivering hydration and moisture (those that can also do gentle exfoliation is a big plus!). Try to know as well about the skincare ingredients that targets your skin concerns, like citrus fruits if you’re looking to brighten a dull complexion.


Go natural.

Why would you settle for products that consist of harsh chemicals or toxic preservatives when you can go for a natural product? Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, you use your products day and night, so why let harmful chemicals come in contact with it? Don’t wait until something shows up on your skin that will need “fixing” using a new skincare products or treatments.


Our current go-to cleanser: Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying Facial Foam

Now that you’re aware of how you should choose a product for the most basic yet most essential part of a skincare routine, let us shorten your hunt for a new cleanser. Introducing our new-found love - Sevendrops Soapwort Bubble Purifying Facial Foam.

So, what is it? Believe it or not, this is everything we’ve said earlier! A low pH cleanser, gentle enough for all skin types and for your everyday cleansing, free from any harmful chemicals. Its main ingredient is Soapwort extract sourced from Swiss Alpine which is known to provide deep cleansing to the skin and pores. Full of natural AHA from fruit acids like Lemon, Orange, Sugarcane, and Sugar Maple extracts, which all contributes in skin exfoliation to resurface a smoother and brighter skin.


Gone are the days when “whatever’s fine” is an acceptable thought for choosing a facial wash. If you’ve got plenty of moisturizers and serums but still not seeing any noticeable results, then try looking at your skincare regimen under a different light. Maybe it’s your facial cleanser that needs a more serious thought.