A youthful makeover your future self will thank you for!



Reverse signs of aging with the only non-invasive US-FDA cleared procedure that lifts and tightens loose skin on face and neck. Say hello to a more contoured face, sculpted jawline, youthful eyes, tightened chin area, firmer neck, and defined cheekbones. No knife, no needle, no downtime!



  • Non-surgical

  • No downtime

  • Once a year treatment only

  • Lifts and tightens face & neck

  • Boosts collagen for 6 months to 1 year

Ideal for:

  • Loose skin

  • Fine lines/wrinkles


What to expect?

  • Focused ultrasound energy will be delivered at deeper skin layer at an ideal temperature.

  • Comfort levels vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts during the delivery of energy.

  • Free add-ons:

    • Free pre-treatment consultation and skin assessment

    • Guidance from a medical allied practitioner with Ultherapy certification

    • Post-treatment consultation and evaluation

    • The highest level of comfort and back support brought by our memory foam bed

    • Documentation of your before and after photos


We understand that skincare is very personal. That’s why our Ultherapy can be availed for certain areas depending on your skin’s needs:



20 mins

Looking tired even if you’re not? That’s probably because of the droopy eyebrows. Lift the skin back to its youthful position with Ultherapy Browlift.

    Introductory Price: Php 15, 000

    Regular price: Php 20, 000



25 mins

Erase those age-defining crow’s feet that branch out from the outer corner of your eyes towards your temples and maintain a refreshed look with Ultherapy Eyelift.

    Introductory Price: Php 20, 000

    Regular price: Php 25, 000



45 mins

Reveal a firmer and plumper cheeks worthy of everyone’s attention with Ultherapy Cheeklift.

    Introductory Price: Php 35, 000

    Regular price: Php 40, 000

Ulthera-Under the chin lift.jpg

Under the Chin Lift

35 mins

The neck always reveals the truth - your age. If you’re serious about losing that bunch of skin underneath the chin and the turkey neck, then Ultherapy Under the Chin Lift will be your best bet.

    Introductory Price: Php 30, 000

    Regular price: Php 35, 000

Ulthera-Lower Neck Lift.jpg

Lower Neck Lift

40 mins

Don’t neglect the lower neck! Contour the drop zone in your neck with Ultherapy Lower Neck Lift.

    Introductory Price: Php 35, 000

    Regular price: Php 40, 000

Ulthera-Full Face Lift.jpg

Full Face Lift

1 hour and 30 mins

Take years off your face and reveal a youthful appearance with Ultherapy Full Face Lift.

    Introductory Price: Php 90, 000

    Regular price: Php 120, 000

Payment Options: Credit card, 12 months installment via BDO, 0% interest



Suggested touch-up treatment:

  • Clearlift Laser Treatment + 30mins Modern Facial - to better maintain the lifted and tightened appearance of this skin, and continuously stimulate collagen building


Recommended interval for maximum results:

Once every year



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