20 mins

Droopy brows can make you look older than you actually are. Lift the arches back to its youthful position to complement your eyes and provide an instant 'mini-framing facelift'.

    Introductory Price: Php 15, 000
    Regular price: Php 20, 000



25 mins

Prevent those age-defining crow’s feet from branching out of the outer corner of your eyes. Make your eyes look more awake and instantly rejuvenate the face.

    Introductory Price: Php 20, 000
    Regular price: Php 25, 000



45 mins

Lift the saggy cheeks to reveal a slimmer-looking face and higher cheekbones worthy of everyone’s attention with Ultherapy Cheeklift.

    Introductory Price: Php 35, 000
    Regular price: Php 40, 000

Ulthera-Under the chin lift.jpg

Under the Chin Lift

35 mins

Want to cop a naturally toned jawline that gives you an overall well-framed face sans contour? Ultherapy Under the Chin Lift will be your best bet for a more chiseled jawline.

    Introductory Price: Php 30, 000
    Regular price: Php 35, 000

Ulthera-Lower Neck Lift.jpg

Lower Neck Lift

40 mins

The neck will always reveal the truth - your age. Contour the drop zone and keep your neck firm with Ultherapy Lower Neck Lift.

    Introductory Price: Php 35, 000
    Regular price: Php 40, 000

Ulthera-Full Face Lift.jpg

Full Face Lift

1 hour and 30 mins

Press pause on skin aging and flaunt a naturally lifted, perfectly balanced and youthful appearance with Ultherapy Face Lift.

    Introductory Price: Php 90, 000
    Regular price: Php 120, 000