Our Facials

Personalized to what you and your skin need the most.


Facial Treatments

Every Simply Skin facial includes a skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydration, and a dose of SPF protection — all customized to your skin.


Ultimate Modern Facial

1 hour

Laser may seem a bit daunting for you (it’s not though!). We think you ought to start with our pain-free no pricking 60 mins Ultimate Modern Facial. Chock full of nutrients personalized to your own unique needs for reduced breakouts, and healthier skin. It’s got serum and masks tailored just for you!

Pore declogging


Clearlift Laser Treatment with 30 mins Modern Facial

1 hour and 10 mins

Need to amp up your usual Modern Facial routine and see dramatic changes? It’s high time you add a laser facial into the treat. Choose Clearlift Laser with free Quick Modern Facial for an overall brighter glow, with tighter skin and smaller looking pores.



Pixel Laser Resurfacing with 30 mins Modern Facial

1 hr and 45 mins

Of course, a multi-faceted routine treatment comes as a second nature for you. We’re telling you, you would not want to miss out on having a routine that includes the Pixel Laser Resurfacing with free Quick Modern Facial. Add this to your current skincare rituals and you’ll have blemish-free, baby-smooth skin and healthy collagen levels to keep you away from irreversible lines.

〰 Smoothening
〰 Pigmentation lightening